Script, Memory and cultural identity

Open atelier, mjfaustino arsatelier – Exhibition with Vernissage and Finissage
Script, Memory and cultural identity
Artist: Mario Faustino and (works from) students

29/04/17 14:00 – 21:00 (Opening 18:00)
02-05/05/17 10:00 – 17:00 (by appointment)
06/05/17 14:00 – 21:00 (Finissage 18:00)

Address: Schnellerstr. 109, 12439 Berlin

Artist Statement & Résumée Mário Faustino

Statement: “I am an artist of my time an autodidact, and as a student, I use several and different materials and media, as in my collages, for example. I like drawing with pencil and oil is my favourite Medium. In the endless pursuit of technique I think I developed a certain working method into something of my own.” (…)

“(…) Mankind is one of my first qualms. The Universal Man with all his virtues error contentment and anxieties, even in his absence, as a person and as a human being and with everything that goes with it, whether that is a chair, a dog, a naked doll, or a snake (…) small little things signs or symbols that ignite one’s thoughts (…) short stories, in the manner of an allegory.

My inspiration comes from anything anytime, and occasionally from the simplest day-to-day things as well as from Media and Literature. The world is how we see it! Often however, it is but as I paint it. Here I explore other aspects, bringing them to light – exposing the invisible.” (…)


Résumée: mjfaustino, alias Mário Júlio Faustino, Português, born on the 22/03/1963 in Angola. 1975 moves to Portugal, Lisbon. In 1982/83 visits Art & Design António Arroio School, in Lisbon. 1987/91 moves to Great Britain. 1996 immigrates to Germany, Munich. 1998 begins painting. 2006/07, two semesters in a Private Art School/Complementary School, in Munich. 2010, moves to Berlin. 2013 – 2017 Private Painting School as atelier extension. Living and working in Berlin.